Frequency Asked Questions

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Does Noise Blocker work on OSX, Linux or older version of Windows?

Development is currently focused on Windows 10 support. Some users have reported that the application works for Windows 8.1 however this is not officially supported.

We are gauging interest if it is worth porting the application to other operating systems. If you would like to register your interest, please send us an email.

Does Noise Blocker cause any audio delay/latency?

The virtual audio routing adds between 100 to 250 milliseconds of latency. The exact amount varies from system to system.

If you are experiencing latency higher than what is listed above, please try enabling the "Experimental" audio system under the "Settings" tab.

Screenshot of the new 'Audio System' option under the 'Settings' tab

After installing Noise Blocker, I can hear myself. How do I fix this?

Under the Settings tab, please ensure for the Output Device you have selected “Speakers (Noise Blocker Virtual)” and not your system's audio hardware output (like headphones or speakers).

Screenshot of the Output Device setting option with Speaker (Noise Blocker Virtual) selected

If “Speakers (Noise Blocker Virtual)” does not appear as an option, the drivers may have failed to install.
In this case, you are advised to use an alternative virtual audio routing driver by VB-Audio.